Judge Kai Scott – Nominee to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

A longtime public defender and judge, Judge Kai Scott’s background appears tailor-made for a federal appointment by the Biden Administration.


The 51-year-old Scott received her B.A. degree from Hampton University in 1991 and a J.D. from the West Virginia University College of Law in 1995. She then spent two years as a law clerk for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers Compensation.

In 1998, Scott joined the Defender Association of Philadelphia. In 2004, Scott moved to become a federal public defender. In 2010, Scott became the Trial Unit Chief of the Federal Community Defender’s office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

In 2015, Scott was elected to the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas as a Democrat, where she currently serves.

History of the Seat

Scott has been nominated for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. This seat opened on March 15, 2021, when Judge C. Darnell Jones moved to senior status.

Legal Experience

Before she became a judge, Scott spent her entire legal career as a public defender representing indigent clients, first in the state and then in the federal system. Among her notable clients, Scott represented Theodore Woodson, who plead guilty of having sex with multiple inmates while serving as a jail worker. See Jim Smith, Jail Worker Guilty of Sex With Inmates; Jersey Man Worked at Federal Center, Philadelphia Daily News, Mar. 23, 2005. She also represented Michael King, who was convicted for robbing five banks. Jim Smith, Mentally Ill Druggie Gets 70 Months For Bank Holdups, Philadelphia Daily News, Sept. 8, 2005. A later representation involved John Benjamin Desper, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for soliciting sexually explicit images of minors over the internet. Michael Hinkelman, Child-Sex Offender Sentenced to 25 Years, Philadelphia Daily News, Nov. 9, 2010.


From 2015, Scott has served as a Judge on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, which is the primary trial court in Pennsylvania. As a Judge, Scott presides over cases in civil and criminal matters, as well as domestic relations, juvenile, and family law matters.

Notably, Scott granted a motion to suppress drugs recovered from Tyree Carroll, ruling that officers lacked reasonable suspicion to stop Carroll simply because he was repeatedly riding his bicycle in an area known for drug sales. See Robert Moran, Judge Rules in Favor of Man in Violent 2015 Arrest, Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. 17, 2017. Carroll’s subsequent arrest was captured in a viral video that appeared to show the officers beating and kicking him. See id.

Political Activity

Scott ran for the bench as a Democrat and has given to the Pennsylvania Democratic party.

Writings and Statements

In 2019, Scott was interviewed (alongside fellow judicial nominee and judge Mia Perez) in an article discussing African American vernacular creating issues with court transcripts and records. See Cassie Owens, Hearing What’s Really Said in Court: Lawyers, Judges Discuss African American English and How Not Understanding It Can Defeat Justice, Philadelphia Inquirer, June 7, 2019. In the article, Scott, who is described as “fluent in African-American English” noted that it’s difficult for judges to step in to clarify linguistic misunderstandings without appearing to influence the jury. See id.

Overall Assessment

Both as a public defender and as a judge, Scott’s record shows a willingness to hold law enforcement to account. While she has the support of Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, Scott is nonetheless likely to draw opposition in the Senate. However, she will likely still be confirmed before the end of the Congress.


  1. Yesterday Dequan did comparisons of Biden’s circuit court judges to the judges they replaced based on ideology. I’ll now do Trump’s judges to show you how poor Biden’s nominees actually are. I’ll also note that a lot of the judges who are in the “more conservative” and “same” categories are replacing judges who were already very conservative.

    Much more conservative: Thapar, Bibas, Grasz, Ho, Stras, Duncan, Brennan, Scudder, Oldham, Grant, Jones Rushing, Matey, Park, Lee, Collins, Bress, Menashi, Lagoa, Justin Walker

    More conservative: Newsom, Erickson, Barrett, Larsen, Willett, Branch, St. Eve, Nalbandian, Quattlebaum, Richardson, Porter, Ryan Nelson, Kobes, Eric Miller, Readler, Rao, Bade, Bianco, Phipps, Nardini, Butamay, Van Dyke, Brasher, Wilson

    Same: Bush, Eid, Katsas, Englehardt, Carson, Bennett, Sullivan, Eric Murphy, Luck, Kirsch

    More liberal: Forrest

    Much more liberal:

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    • Yup. For all the failures of the Trump administration, the one area I really was hoping he would fail was the judiciary. He gets glowing reviews from a conservative point of view for his judges sadly. The last part of Shawn’s post is the one that hurts the most. Not even ONE just was more much more liberal & only one more liberal at all. Biden’s DC circuit picks alone outnumber Trump on their more or much more conservative replacements.


    • Eric Murphy I’d put as more conservative and a few in the much more conservative I’d place in the more conservative bucket, but can’t argue with a ton from this list. Not surprising considering the number of hacks, such as Rao and Walker, that Trump was able to appoint while in office and have an outstanding majority leader able to get them all confirmed.


  2. Wikipedia has some more cases that Jabari Wamble prosecuted, four in all. It seems he specializes in white collar crime. I’ll bet all four of those prosecutions will be mentioned here when his listing comes up.

    Oh, about Jerry Moran- he said he enjoyed meeting Wamble and looks forward to meeting him again and learning more about him, but didn’t announce support for him.


    • My first is Jabari Wamble will be more of a stealth candidate. He probably knew coming up in the ranks of the Kansas legal system that he didn’t want to be able to be portrayed too liberal. That would take him out of the running for most state & US district court seats & probably come close to taking him out for a circuit court seat too. Especially with him being a black man in such a red state. My guess is he’s left of center to fairly progressive but didn’t want his pre judicial record to reflect that.


  3. In prior articles, there were articles about District Judges who could be appointed to the Courts of Appeals, and state Judges who could be appointed to the Courts of Appeals.

    The Biden Administration has nominated many Magistrate Judges to Courts of Appeals, more than any other in my memory. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a list of Magistrate Judges who could be appointed to the Courts of Appeal.


    • Yea I’ve seen a couple magistrate judges elevated straight to circuit court seats prior to Biden but he has himself nominated more then all I’ve seen in my lifetime prior. I’m not familiar with magistrate judges but I have two on my list of possibilities. Mario Garcia (7th – Indiana) & Ajmeal Quereshi (4th – Maryland).


  4. @ Dequan

    You’ve done some great lists in past posts…..Did you ever list your best / favorite circuit court judges say of last 50 years for EACH of the 11 circuits?….Though would be tough to come up with a best judge on the 8th circuit since that court has been so dominated by GOP nominees last 40 years..


      • @Mitch

        Yes Judge Stewart is one to be emulated & definitely one of our finest! Which is why I’ve stayed the course and gone hard for Judge Hanks to be considered for the 5th Circuit, as he’s well-respected & regarded and works well with all of his colleagues, and as an active member of the Texas State Bar College.


    • @Rick

      I’ll be happy to give my favorite judge from each of the 11 circuits (Plus the DC circuit) over the past half century or so. Before I do, just keep the following caveats in mind.

      I really didn’t get interested in the judiciary until the end of 2000 after my vote didn’t count my first-time voting, when I voted in Miami for the 2000 presidential election because I was one of the “pregnant Chads”. So, I am not too well versed on most of the judge’s pre-2000. Second, I’ve never stepped foot in a law school, so I don’t know all of the in’s & outs of every decision from each of the judges.

      1st: Stephen Breyer – It still amazes me how he was confirmed after Carter lost in the lame duck. If I remember correctly, he wasn’t even nominated before election night. That is unthinkable today.

      2nd: Thurgood Marshall

      3rd: Aloysius Leon Higginbotham Jr. – I believe Arianna J. Freeman will end up being my favorite over the next couple decades.

      4th: Pamela Harris

      5th: Frank Minis Johnson. His mother’s house was firebombed because of his landmark civil rights decisions. He’s one of my favorite judges of all time.

      6th: Cornelia Groefsema Kennedy – She was half of the first sister judges in the United States. In 1975, Kennedy was also on the shortlist for the seat vacated by the departure of William O. Douglas, which eventually went to John Paul Stevens.

      7th: Diane Wood

      8th: Richard S. Arnold – He’s my favorite mostly because Bill Clinton didn’t pick him for the SCOTUS. He had his heart set on a fellow Arkansas nominee & was very well qualified. But when he found out he had health issues, he didn’t nominate him. He ended up dying in 2004, which would have been in GW Bush first term.

      9th: There’s so many great choices form the 9th. My original answer would have been Stephen Reinhardt, but due to his sexual harassment issues, I can’t say him anymore. I would probably go with Harry Pregerson after him but there are so many other great choices, I wouldn’t argue with many other names that could be picked.

      10th: Monroe G. McKay – This was the toughest one for me to pick. I was the least familiar with the judges from this circuit than any other.

      11th: Robert Smith Vance – He literally died for the job.

      DC: Robert L. Wilkins – This is another circuit with plenty of great choices. I would have gone with RBG, but I just can’t with her refusing to retire under Obama while Democrats had the senate majority, after two bouts of Cancer.


      • @Angie

        As much as I stress age when it comes to nominating judges & justices, Robert Wilkins is the only judge born in the 1960’s that I wouldn’t mind if Biden nominated for a SCOTUS vacancy. Only if he was replacing a Republican appointee though.

        Frank Minis Johnson is one of the most courageous judges I’ve ever read about. While many NAACP & other civil rights lawyers did a spectacular job changing laws, we must not forget the many white men in black robes that had the courage to decide the cases the right way to. That’s why my favorite SCOTUS justice of all time is John Marshall Harland.


      • I strongly object to Cornelia Kennedy on this list. She was a center-right judge, but more objectionable is her strong opposition to civil rights. She regularly sided against the NAACP and other civil rights organizations on desegregation and other cases. Carter’s advisers were very divided on whether to elevate her.
        Reagan also considered her in 1981, but didn’t pick her because she had a record of striking down abortion restrictions. I think for the most part she would have been similar to O’Connor, more pro-government on federalism issues but more hostile to civil rights.


      • @Dequan I largely agree with your list

        5th Cir. James L. Dennis, who is fighting a conservative majority and has written angry dissents over the majority’s willingness to uphold gross restrictions on abortion.

        9th Cir. I agree with you and for the same reasons. Excluding Reinhardt because we learned he is a harasser, I would also say Pregerson, and I would say Berzon, B. Fletcher, W. Fletcher, & Paez are all runner-ups.

        Frank Minis Johnson was only in the 5th circuit for 2 years before being transferred to 11th circuit by operation of law so I consider him a 11th Cir. judge, not 5th Cir. I would say FMJ is my favorite judge on 11th Cir.

        Several of them I agree with you (1st, 2nd, 7th) but the rest I’m not well informed enough to know whether I agree with you.


      • I’m also going to spice things up and name my LEAST favorite judge on each circuit court.

        NOTE: This list may easily change as new rulings come out. A lot of this is dependent on which judges get assigned to hear a certain case, as several of these are based off a single case that I care a lot about. And there may be cases I’m unaware of. Additionally, all of these are recent judges as I’m not very familiar with any circuit court decisions beyond a few years ago as I only started becoming aware of circuit court judges & decisions a few years ago.

        1st Cir.- idk. I don’t particularly hate any of them. Howard’s the only conservative and he is still reasonable.

        2nd Cir.- I would say Steven Menashi, but he actually stood up for Steven Donziger when 2 other Trump judges wouldn’t. So I’m gonna say Michael Park (the author of the majority opinion against Donziger’s appeal).

        3rd Cir.- Probably Stephanos Bibas, though I do agree with his strong support of students’ 1st amendment rights in B.L. v. Mahanoy School District (he would have gone further than SCOTUS did). Maybe Alito if he counts.

        4th Cir.- Hard decision between the 6 current Republican appointees, all of them are very bad. Probably Rushing & Richardson as they voted to allow a charter school to force girls to wear skirts.

        5th Cir.- Jim Ho (partisan hack) or Edith Jones (openly racist). Jerry Smith (who joined a Ho opinion saying that police should basically have absolute immunity) is a runner-up.

        6th Cir.- So many to choose from, it’s hard to pick

        7th Cir.- Amy Coney Barrett for obvious reasons. Excluding her, I would say Michael Kanne because he is both ultra-conservative and tried to pick his own successor (or at least initially accepted Trump’s bribe to get him off the bench).

        8th Cir.- Again not sure.

        9th Cir.- Daniel P. Collins (refused to acknowledge Brown v. Board as legitimate; even Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, & Barrett accepted the legitimacy of Brown v. Board).

        10th Cir.- Timothy Tymkovich, another partisan hack

        11th Cir.- Edward Earl Carnes, death penalty lover & opponent of gay rights. I might say Andrew Brasher but I haven’t seen any of his rulings.

        D.C. Cir- This is a hard one since I know a lot about it, but I would say my least favorite judge on this court is between Bork, Thomas, Justin Walker, David Sentelle, & Greg Katsas (the last 2 sided in favor of The Judge Rotenberg Center’s torturing of autistic kids).


      • For my least favorite, I am going to reduce the years. I am going to pick from the last two decades when I first became interested in the judiciary instead of the last five decades.

        1st: Jeffrey R. Howard – I don’t really dislike him too much, but this is the circuit I really don’t have a judge I don’t like that much.

        2nd: Steven Menashi with Michael H. Park as a close second. José A. Cabranes is the judge I dislike the most based on him being a Clinton appointee, but I would take him over the two aforementioned judges.

        3rd: Samuel Alito. David J. Porter is my least favorite current judge.

        4th: Dennis Shedd. If you would have asked me a few years ago I would have said J. Michael Luttig but he has redeemed himself in his post judicial life in my opinion. Plus, I understand some of his criminal views knowing what happened to his father.

        5th: Sorry but I have to cheat here. I can’t pick just one. It’s a tie for me. Edith Jones & James Ho… On a side note, I’ve guessed the last 3 SCOTUS justices correctly. My pick if there was a vacancy on day one of a Republican presidency in 2025 with a Republican senate majority for the SCOTUS is James Ho.

        6th: John K. Bush – He is a partisan hack.

        7th: Amy Coney Barrett. If I can’t pick a current justice, then I would go with Diane S. Sykes.

        8th: Steven Colloton or Raymond Gruender could be my first chose. I will say Jonathan A. Kobes is probably the least qualified.

        9th: Daniel P. Collins. I initially would have said Lawrence VanDyke but he actually performed pro bono legal work for the American Civil Liberties Union.

        10: Timothy Tymkovich if we are just counting their work up until & including the 10th circuit. I would say Neil Gorsuch if you’re counting everything up until today even post 10th circuit.

        11: William H. Pryor Jr. I am most pissed at the three Democrat appointees that retired in the 4 years of Trump, Frank M. Hull, Julie E. Carnes & most disappointing of all Stanley Marcus.

        DC: If I’m only counting from 2000 to the present, Brett Kavanaugh. Not far behind is Janice Rogers Brown. I suspect over the years my answer will change to Justin R. Walker.

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  5. Best judges for each of the 12 Circuits. I will give my view on the best judge in the recent past, and when that judge was appointed before 1990, I will provide a more recent judge as well.

    1st Circuit:

    Tie between O. Rogeriee Thompson and David Barron. Thompson would be the clear choice if she was younger, but Barron is likely to be there for decades.
    Breyer is too moderate for me.

    2nd Circuit:
    Wilfred Feinberg, a strong progressive judge appointed by LBJ and spent 25 years on the 2nd Circuit.
    More recent judge would be Sotomayor or Myrna Perez.
    Thurgood Marshall spent only 3 years on the 2nd Circuit, which is why he is not my choice here.

    3rd Circuit:

    A. Leon Higginbotham. Fantastic progressive judge appointed by Carter.
    A more recent judge would be Theodore McKee or L. Felipe Restrepo.

    4th Circuit:

    This circuit is completely barren as far as progressive judges before Obama.
    My favorite judge here is easy, Pamela Harris. It is a shame that she isn’t on SCOTUS.

    5th Circuit:

    This circuit was split in 1981, so I will limit this selection to judges from the states in today’s 5th Circuit.
    My favorite judge here is James Dennis.

    6th Circuit:

    My favorite judge here is LBJ-appointed George Edwards, a UAW lawyer and strongly progressive Democrat. LBJ also appointed other liberal giants to the 6th Circuit. Carter also nominated another giant, Damon Keith to this court.
    As far as a more recent judge, I would go with either Martha Craig Daughtrey or Jane Stranch, both from Nashville.

    Rest of the circuits in a new post.

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    • 6th Circuit- continued
      I hope and expect that Rachel Bloomekatz will be my favorite here in a few years.

      7th Circuit:

      Diane Wood. This one was pretty easy, although LBJ appointed Walter Cummings was a giant as well.

      8th Circuit:

      Gerald Heaney. One of three liberal giants, along with Myron Bright and Donald Lay that were appointed by LBJ. A more recent choice would be Jane Kelly, although the pickings are very thin here.

      9th Circuit:

      Marsha Berzon, a strongly progressive labor lawyer who might be the most liberal judge in the country. I also like the fact that Berzon highly prefers her clerks to have a public interest background. I would have selected Stephen Reinhardt, but his record of assholishness and sexual harassment leans me against him.

      10th Circuit:

      James Logan, a Carter appointee, was probably the best judge on the 10th Circuit, which is slim pickings frankly. I would probably go with Veronica Rossman as a more recent selection. None of the Clinton or Obama appointees are all that great.

      11th Circuit:
      My favorite here would be Rosemary Barkett, a strongly liberal judge that . Frank Johnson, Joseph Hatchett, and Beverly Martin all were great judges too. Hopefully Nancy Abudu will be my favorite judge here soon.

      DC Circuit:

      J. Skelly Wright, a JFK appointee, was a progressive giant and would be my top choice here. Another great was Abner Mikva, who was a mentor to President Obama. Mikva wanted Obama to clerk for him, and told him that he was going to certainly be a SCOTUS clerk. Obama reportedly told his wife that
      “No, that’s not why I went to law school. If you’re going to make change, you’re not going to do it as a Supreme Court clerk.”


      As far as a more recent judge, I would go with Nina Pillard. KBJ didn’t serve here long enough to be considered.

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      • @Shawn

        Some really good names there. Some I wasn’t aware of all that much. Others like Abner Mikva & Marsha Berzon I came close to putting as my favorites even though I went in another direction. Very good info on the Obama law clerk article. I too thought about not putting Thurgood Marshall as my favorite because of his length of service but I took his entire career into mind & chose him. And yea the 5th circuit split made it a more complex choice but regardless Frank Johnson would have been my pick. But really good picks you had as well.

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  6. As I’ve said before, worst judges is hard. There was a price to be paid for all those wonderful judges that JFK, LBJ, and Carter put on the bench that I listed above. And that price is a whole bunch of Southern (and a few outside the South) openly racist judges that they put on the bench. Nixon put several open racists on the bench as well. Some of these judges make Edith Jones and Daniel Collins and others of that stripe look like pro-multiculturalists.

    It’s hard to say which is worse, an openly racist judge who voted against civil rights but is generally moderate (or even center-right) otherwise, or a Trump appointed judge who may not be openly racist but is much worse on basically everything else.

    I’ll try to do worst judges later.

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  7. This is making for some great reading, especially now while senate is on recess til after Labor Day….(though its fantasy football draft time as well)

    Shawn mentioned he was going to do a worst list later….Another list could be a wish list of sorts……Which current lower court judges, law professors, TV legal commentators, etc would you like to see on the 11 circuits (and DC Circuit )..I’m sure many would like Melissa Murray on the 2nd Circuit….

    He’s too old now, but damn would Laurence Tribe have been a great 1st Circuit judge or SCOTUS justice

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    • @Rick

      If I were able to add a seat to every circuit, pick the state & the Democrats had over 60 senators, here is who I would nominate;

      1st: Andrew Manuel Crespo (MA)

      2nd: Melissa Murray (NY)

      3rd: Jasmine Harris (Pennsylvania)

      4th: Ajmel Quereshi (MD)

      5th: So, my first choice would be Amparo Monique Guerra (TX). But since I am more confident another vacancy will open up in Texas, or she could be chosen for the current vacancy, then I would be strategic & go with another state less likely to have a vacancy.
      Scott Colom (Mississippi)

      6th: Philip Mayor (MI)

      7th: John Rappaport (IL)

      8th: Erin Eldridge (M)

      9th: Monica Ramirez-Almadani (CA) would be my first choice. But since I think there will be other vacancies from California on its own, I would strategically add Washington state & upgrade Jamal Whitehead.

      10th: Lauren Bonds (KS)

      11th: Fred Smith (GA)… I got that name from @Shawn. He’s black & openly LGBT.

      DC: Deepak Gupta

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      • Amparo Guerra is a highly qualified nominee and would make a good 5th Circuit judge. I would prefer someone else (because whomever is nominated will spend most of their time writing dissents anyway), but Guerra is fine.

        It is very obvious that Angie thinks anyone other than George Hanks is “woefully unqualified” for this seat. She has resorted to hinting at this rather than outright advocating for Hanks as the latter has gotten boring and repetitive.

        I will say again that I would rather leave the seat empty than appoint George Hanks to the 5th Circuit. His nomination would be totally unacceptable for a Democratic President, a clear F. If you want Hanks elevated to the 5th Circuit, go grovel at Trump’s feet and see if he would appoint him.

        Regardless this seat needs to go to a Hispanic. Democrats are bleeding Hispanic voters in Texas and not nominating one to 5th Circuit would be a disaster politically.

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      • Shawn I’ll leave the groveling to a low-life like you!
        And I tell you what I will do & that’s continue to back experienced well-qualified & well-regarded jurist and not political hack machines from either side! Politics of no kind belong in the Federal Judiciary, and I’m sick of political hacks dragging good Judges names through the mud for their own political gain.


      • @Angie

        I don’t think us saying we don’t think a certain person wouldn’t be a good nominee from a Democrat president is dragging their name through the mud. Nor do I think any of the names we have mentioned are unqualified, but I would be willing to hear why anybody feels they are because there’s always a possibility I missed something.

        I know you feel politics should be left out of nominating judges but we are just way too far past that point. There’s just no way certain people will be nominated by Republican presidents & vice versus. There’s always going to be politics involved in the process. That’s just the reality. I’m not saying that’s for the good or bad, just being realistic. But even though I don’t particularly agree with some of your potential nominees, I respect your opinion.


      • @ Dequan

        While I respect your candor, please don’t speak for Shawn! He & he alone has confirmed for me that this is a forum I no longer want to follow, as I despise politics, and would never support the nomination of any judge to the Federal Bench who has a track record of being a political machine….PERIOD! And all the Federal Judges who I truly admire & may have mentioned are hands-down some of the finest jurist to be emulated, and it is my hope that the Biden Administration choose the best & the brightest to serve in these lifetime appointments to the bench. Frank is the only other guest I can honestly say I can relate to. So with that said…Angie OUT!


      • I’m proud to be considered a “lowlife” by someone like Angie. Sure seems like someone here needs to take a chill pill.
        You know, I frankly don’t care what you do, and I won’t miss you at all if you leave. All you have done here is to be a shill for a particular judge and insult other much better candidates.

        I didn’t highly of Judge George Hanks before, but I think much less of him now that you are a shill for him.


      • Great job Angie not answering Dequan’s question of why Amparo Monique Guerra is unqualified in your opinion. If you don’t think the Federal Judiciary today is all about politics, then you’re a clueless idiot. Or a member of the worthless #khive cult, like another person on here, who stands for nothing except being paid by the Democratic Party to do and say exactly what they tell you to. Some of the most vile, lowlife, and despicable people on the planet who regularly wish death fellow Democrats they don’t like. And the most racist people alive who say how much they hate white people every other tweet, more racist than even Republicans. You’re gonna leave- that is the best news of the day.


      • @Delco

        I was perhaps too diplomatic. There was a more I wanted to say but I didn’t because it might too harsh. Frankly Khive reminds me of Hillaryis44, remember that disgusting site? It ended up as a Trump cheerleading dump when HRC ran in 2016.

        Actually the worst person I have seen is DKE’s filthy scumbag pademocrat. This pile of filth regularly twists the narrative to try to push his hatred of the left and regularly lies about the facts, and claims that “hippies deserve to be punched”. He regularly claims that dark blue states are “fiscally conservative”, and just today suggested that Hawaii is a moderate state. The worst lie that this guy promotes is the idea that the last Democrat to win on a populist message was in 1948. It’s a total lie, every Democrat has run on progressive populism to some level (including his favorite Bill Clinton in 1992). But Barack Obama in 2012 was in the toilet until he turned to populism against Mitt Romney, turned around his campaign and won handily. That narrative is a bunch of absolute bullshit.
        I’ve considered going there to take on his lies but that entire site is total cesspool.


    • I think Jabari Wamble steered away from the normal progressive work we have all come to grow & love. We have to just hope his father in law knows he is a progressive at heart. I will definitely be watching every word of his hearing in October & can’t wait to read his SJC questionnaire.


      • Also another note about Jabari Wamble, his boss is the former Obama nominee for the 10th circuit. Stephen Six was actually on my list of circuit court nominees I was afraid of being nominated.

        Looking back on that list, only Luch Koh & J Childs (Albeit I thought the 4th circuit) have been nominated out of the 36 nominees so far by Biden. I didn’t put John Lee or Florence Pan on my list because there were so many younger & more progressive options, I didn’t even think they were possibilities.


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